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So I got tagged by (la guarra ésta (?) ) :iconvitruvian-girl: This should be fun

1.You must post these rules.
2.If you, or anyone else, got tagged, you, or him/her has to share 10 facts 'bout themselves
3. Answer 10 Qs from the guy/gal that tagged you and make 10 Qs for the 10 you tagged
4.Choose 5 and put their icon in the journal.
5.You've to legitimately tag 10 guys/gals (or maybe 5 guys, 5 gals XD)
7.You can't say you don't tag 
8.You MUST do a journal entry (if u got tagged, of course XD)

Okay, first, 10 facts about me:

  1. I fear almost everything. For example, ceiling fans. THEY ARE EVIL.
  2. I have a shipping graphic in an Excel document since a lot of my ships an OTPs follow some patterns, like red x blue or rilvalry.
  3. I have over 150 characters of my own, and the number will keep increasing.
  4. I like some videogames, even tho I don't usually play anyone. Maybe when I have money to buy them, I will.
  5. My dreams have patterns, too. I have the "Oh no, a tsunami is coming" dreams, the "I CAN FLY, JUST GIVE ME A TRY" dreams, the "There's someone following me, I MUST SCAPE" dreams, etc
  6. I like almost every kind of music, as long as it is catchy. Like this 
  7. Don't make me choose just one color or one animal or one flower, etc. I like so many things that my head would explode.
  8. I don't recall myself having an imaginary friend, but I'm starting to think that I actually DID, because I remember having pets that my family don't remember. Maybe my imaginary friends were... Normal?
  9. I'm coming out of the closet: I MAY be a furry...
  10. I'm meeting so many teenagers lately... I'm starting to feel old.

Questions from :iconvitruvian-girl:

  1. Do you like concerts? If so, what's the best you've ever been to?
    I've only been in one concert in all my life, and it was kinda boring... It was an amateur band, tho.
  2. How would you name your kid if it was a boy and how if it was a girl?
    I DON'T WANT TO HAVE KIDS (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ but if I ever did... As long as it has a good meaning, I don't mind.
  3. A moment of shame and dishonor when playing a video game.
    Again, I don't really play videogames, but... I remember having this weird tron-look-a-like game for Game Boy. I was playing in my grandmother's living room, and I got scared by a random enemy. She looked at me, very concerned, and took the Game Boy away from me.
  5. That dish you never cook right
    I once tried to do pancakes. Never again.
  6. Your favourite, funny quote.
    pta bida tt
  7. If you could choose a fictional character as your husband/wife, who would it be?
    Don't... Make... Me... CHOOSE :iconcryforeverplz: -takes breath- Maybe... Enrique Martinez?…
  8. You're Darth Vader now.
    Shit, I really need to take some syrup for my throat.
  9. You have enough money to donate to charity, what will you invest it in?
    Please, don't make me do this kind of decisions... There are so many people that need money...
  10. Favourite insult.

Alright, my questions!

1. Favourite mythological creature?
2. Tell me about your OTP :iconeyebrowplz:
4. What do you think 90's kids ACTUALLY are? Are they kids born in the 90's or kids raised in the 90's? (Yeah, there's a significative difference)
5. At what time do you wake up every morning?
6. Blossom, Bubbles or Buttercup?
7. Digimon or Pokemon?
8. Quote me a Disney/Dreamworks/childhood movie.
9. What does the fox say?
10. Do you hate me for tagging you on this?

And the tags (please forgive me)

1. :iconbing-klosby:
2. :iconmundienadog:
3. :iconmyeecez:
4. :iconartbyteresa:
5. :iconrandylaffer:
6. :iconmisspolycysticovary:
7. :iconsidelust:
8. :iconnarueinverse:
9. :iconbicherx:
10. :iconlimaneko:

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Muchas gracias por el :+fav:

Que tengas un gran día Akari Akazaki (Good Job) [V3] 
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De nada~~ Tenlo tu también!!
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i like mortadelo y filemon too! i drew them as ponies, which i'll upload now
XoSoGo Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
Mortadelo y Filemon is one of my main fandoms, but it's so unactive :((( That's why I'm happy to see new fans on it!! I'm looking forward to see more updates from you :heart: (and sorry if I made some mistake, this is not my native language)
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Hi, thank you for faving! c:
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